3 Reasons Why You’re Having Mixed Feelings With Homeschooling

Homeschooling is not an entirely new concept. It has been around even before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. There are parents who opt to have their children homeschooled because they get full control on their child’s education. There may be different laws per state that regulate homeschooling. But parents get to decide which programs their children should focus on learning.

Because of the pandemic, people are forced to stay at home to avoid further spread of the virus. Schools are also forced to close down. This left parents with no other choice but to continue their children’s education at home.

As a parent, it may be exciting to think that you’ll get the full rein of what your little ones will learn. Your personal touch will make their learning process more special because you’re going to build more connection with them. But homeschooling entails more responsibility. It is not like you can just leave your children in one corner while you do your own things. It requires your consistent attention in order to monitor your children’s progress. Aside from that, you will also need to attend to other responsibilities such as household chores and work duties. This is the primary reason why you’re having mixed feelings with homeschooling.

There are a lot to do in so little time.

Even if you chose to do homeschooling before the pandemic broke out, everything might feel overwhelming. Being overwhelmed in this situation is normal and understandable. Almost all parents are thrust into this situation because most of the schools are closed. Homeschooling requires 100% of your time and effort. But so are your other responsibilities. Juggling multiple responsibilities in a short amount of time can be draining and the worst part is you’ll deal with them everyday.

To lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed, it is good to set a daily schedule for yourself so that you can track all the things that you need to do, something like a to-do list. You may have a lot of tasks in it but once you see that they are getting ticked off little by little, you’ll feel more motivated to start another day and face another set of challenges. You will be surprised with your full capabilities.

You don't know how to start with it.

You may be able to teach your kids every now and then but homeschooling is an entirely different way of teaching them. Especially if you don’t have a teaching background, it may be difficult to start with homeschooling. You might ask, “what program should I follow? What materials should I use?” These may also make you feel confused due to a lot of things that you need to consider before investing.

Before paying for anything, spend ample time to research programs online. There are a lot of resources online that can guide you on what programs to pick and what materials to buy. For starters, you can look up on Google reviews on the different homeschooling programs that are available.

SchoolHomes is also here to help you with these important decisions. You can explore the site to see which online learning websites will suit your children best and which toys are helpful to their learning processes.

You're unsure how it will turn out.

Bulk of the homeschooling process depends on how you do it with your children. You know you are doing your best to attend to it but you can still feel uncertain with the results of your efforts. You may also wonder if your children are learning from the activities that they are doing.

Most homeschooling programs and online learning websites have trackers that monitor your children’s progress. You have to check these often so that you will also know which areas your kids need to improve on. If the program has teachers that you can consult with, it is always better to ask them. You can also do some short quizzes and tests with your children to see what concepts stick with them.

One thing is sure, homeschooling can be challenging but it can also be fun. This experience can deepen your bond with your children, which they will nurture in their lives. It is perfectly normal to have mixed feelings with homeschooling but don’t let them get the best from you and your kids.

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